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Beijing Green Energy InnoCore Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (GIET) is a company specializing in semiconductor power device design, manufacturing process development, market application and sales. 




Mid-year company work meeting held in 2019
GIET successfully held its 2019 annual meeting
General Manager Bruce Liao spoke on behalf of the maker team (From Future Innovation)
GIET participated in the 21st China Beijing International Technology Industry Expo
Congratulations to our company on winning the bid of the "Process Line Operation Technical Service" project of Global Energy Internet Research Institute Co., Ltd.
The 2nd "Strait Cup" Fujian (Jinjiang) Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition ended successfully. Our company won the Team Award.

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New Cree 650V MOSFETs Offer High Efficiency to Enable the Next Generation of EV, DC & PV Innovations.
GIET successfully held its 2019 annual meeting

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